About Ian Fagala

5280_1203177567768_631828_nI’ve been working in and out of fitness, mostly in, since I finished my undergrad.  I started as a personal trainer working in a local gym in a suburb of St. Louis for about 6 months before I quit.  The hours and inconsistent pay frustrated me.  I made a rather inglorious return to the world of retail where I worked for two years before the fire in my belly for fitness was such that I could not continue to suppress it, so I quit that too, and headed back to personal training.  I worked as an employee for another few years training clients and assisting with some aspects of the physical therapy business I worked for before I was abruptly fired one day. It so happens a few months previous to being fired a good friend of mine and I had started planning a business that would consume my life for the next 3 or so years, and consume it did to the tune of 60 hours a week or more and an ungodly amount of stress.  So I quit that too. I’ve since been working for an insurance company for a number of years, and rather enjoy it, but still have that entrepreneurial desire.  Hence the reason you’re reading this, that is if you’ve gotten this far.

Some might view quitting or getting fired as a failure, but I don’t.  They were really valuable learning experiences and essential in order for me to continue to grow.  Those events each offered a new opportunity to learn and grow, the only failure would have been if I would have stayed at one place and settled.

Along that path there has been one constant in my life and that has been my penchant for lifting weights.  I can’t exactly claim to be very good at it, but I do thoroughly enjoy it.  My love of fitness has since grown into a larger focus on health and a desire to share this knowledge with as many people as possible. Along the way I’ve also managed to pick up a few degrees, though I find they are largely irrelevant, as experience I believe is a far better teacher than any book, degree, or class could ever be.


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