Yum Yum Pancake Recipe

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Back when I was a lone wolf, and the only person I had to answer to was my dog Nash, I used to cook pancakes every Sunday morning.  It was a ritual and routinely old Nash would get a pancake or two in the process, boy did he think I was the bee’s knees when I did that.

Now that I’ve got a family of four, my poor dog doesn’t get as many pancakes as he used to but I still try and keep up with pancake Sunday, and now my wife and kids think I’m the bee’s knees when they get their pancakes.  I’ve tried a few protein pancake variations, but never found one that did it for me, that is until now.  Sean Hyson posted it recently here and I knew they would be good since he routinely puts out good content (he better, considering he is the editor for a few fitness mags).

So this past Sunday I decided to give them a try, and they were quite delish!  They have a bit of a different texture than regular pancakes but all in all I thought they were an excellent substitute.  I also found that I needed to cook them on a little bit lower temperature than I do regular pancakes so they don’t burn.  They also weren’t as firm as regular pancakes so I had to be a little more careful when flipping them over.

Usually I doctor up my pancakes with a bit of vanilla extract and cinnamon for extra flavor,totally forgot to do that to these, and it would have made them that much better.  Either way, I’ve posted the recipe below with a side by side nutrition comparison of other pancakes. Mmmm….. can’t wait for the next pancake Sunday!


4 Whole Eggs

2 Bananas

2 Tbsp of almond/peanut butter

1 or 2 Tbsp of coconut oil to them in (I used about the equivalent amount of butter)

I threw all the ingredients in blender minus the butter and blended until smooth.  Heat your butter, then pour the mix in your skillet and cook like regular pancakes.  Usually pancakes bubble when they are ready to flip, I didn’t find that with these so pay a bit of attention to them when cooking, again so you don’t burn them.

Here are the macros for the regular pancakes we cook, and then the macros for these.  Now I don’t consume the entire portion so those calories need to be split based on the portion you eat, and you’ll need to add additional calories for anything you add like syrup etc.

Trader Joe’s Pancakes                  Protein Pancakes

Total Calories 1,009                      Total Calories 756

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