Online Coaching/Training

People who are as smart as you, know very well that it makes sense to have a professional help you set and achieve your goals.  Professional athletes like Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods all have a coach with an objective set of eyes that help them improve their performance and get better at their craft. If you’ve ever thought having  someone strip away all the garbage spewed in the media and elsewhere would help, you’ve come to the right spot. 

I’m passionate about helping men improve their health so we can be better husbands, fathers, and brothers in this crazy world. Whether you want to drop a few pounds, quit smoking, or better manage a health condition I can do that. I’ve worked with thousands of men over the last decade and have helped them vastly improve their health and ultimately their lives as a result. 

Here’s what you get.

1) It starts with a few assessments, a questionnaire, and a consultation on the phone or Skype.

2) Then you’ll get a comprehensive plan with your values and concerns in mind, that will help you achieve your health goals.  This will ultimately be your roadmap to success and will be ever changing as you progress.

3) You’ll get an updated roadmap  every 4 weeks along with other tools and resources to support you.

4) You’ll also have 24/7 email support to ask questions and for additional support.

For your free 15 minute consultation contact me. Contact Ian


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