Get Your Learn On 2.27

boxcar children

I read a ton of different articles each week, and always have a few books that I’m working on at any given time.  Reading is just that important to me, and I distinctly remember the first time I was enthralled with a book.  It was “The Boxcar Children”, I was in the third grade, and that bright yellow cover was like a beacon.

I don’t remember the storyline, but I do remember getting into the book so much that I finished it in a day or two.  When I find a book that I really like I can do the same thing even today and knock off a few hundred pages in an evening, much to the chagrin of my wife.

Why is that important, aside from the entertainment value books provide, there are tons of lessons to learn by reading books as well as others writing, most of which can be accessed for free, or at least very inexpensively.  I feel I can express a decent thought in written format, but I know full well that my style may not speak to everyone.  So hopefully each week you have the opportunity to be exposed to some excellent writers and learn a thing or two.  That being said enjoy this week’s edition of “Get Your Learn On”, and yes that’s a new sexy ass name for this series.

The Deficit- How We Lose Fat- Leigh Peele

This might get a bit technical but it’s a great read on some of the specifics behind fat loss.  Pretty simply put if there is no deficit there is no fat loss, but Leigh says it in a much more elegant way.

You Are Standing Wrong- Nate Green

This is a great post on the mechanics of standing.  Seems like a pretty easy thing to do, but most of us are pretty bad at even that.

Learn From Your Elders- Ross Enamit

I can only hope that I am deadlifting when I’m 92.  This is truly a testament to the fact that age is only a number, and this 92 year old dude totally kicks ass!!

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