On Your Mark, Get Set, Go


For those people that enjoy running I’ve got another blog up on the Go! St Louis site.  While I don’t run much anymore, it still is an insanely simple way to get active.  I mean you need literally no equipment aside from a pair of shoes, shorts, and a shirt, and as short as some of these running shorts are made today those might even be considered optional.

I never could get behind the whole short running shorts thing, but maybe that’s my own issue.  Now I know I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the recent trends in the fitness industry is to mock running and those that do long duration cardio like running, cycling, and whatnot.

Much like short running shorts I can’t get behind that idea either.  You see I’d much rather be a champion for activity than a detractor, because I don’t think mocking runners wins any points for those that prefer to lift weights.  It really should all be about education.

I’m all for informing people that running is not the answer to fat loss, and in fact there are more optimal ways to achieve fat loss, but anything that gets people jazzed up about exercising I am behind 100%.  That could be running, weight lifting, hell even olympic curling (I guarantee the brushing works up a good sweat).  Either way I think we shouldn’t consider ourselves a part of the fitness elite, because we feel our preferred mode of exercise is superior.

(Steps off Soapbox)  Now that I’ve said my piece click the link below to check out that link I mentioned.


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Hills: Are You Man/Woman Enough?


Whether you’ve run hills in the past or not, I’m certain we can all agree…they SUCK!  Not suck in the sense that they are ineffective, but the sort of love/hate suck you know is necessary to make you a more badass version of yourself.  Plus if you don’t feel accomplished or like a beast after a good hill run then I’m not sure we can be friends.

Check out my latest post over at Go! St Louis, where I talk a bit more about hill training.  Fair warning I do geek out a bit, but not so much that you won’t get something out of it.

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