Detox Diets, Books, and Happiness


First off let me say Happy Valentine’s Day.  You’ll hear complaints of today being a Hallmark holiday and the like, but it is an important day to invest in your relationships, and seriously nobody wants to be around a Debbie Downer so don’t let the negativity out.   Take the time to reach out to the women in your life, and heck even the men, and tell them how much you appreciate their friendship.  A big part of what life is about is spending quality time with people you love and appreciate.

It may come off a bit sappy, but I’m ok with that, and this picture of a shark with a laser beam should make up for that.  I mean seriously what isn’t more manly than a shark with a laser beam strapped to it’s head?


Anywho, I’ve got a couple of great reads today so be sure and check them out and get your learn on!

Detox diets & juice cleanses: Could they make you more toxic?– Ryan Andrews

The guys over at Precision Nutrition knock it out of the park like usual with this one.  You hear the would detox/cleanse thrown around a lot in the fitness industry, and it can be a bit confusing, but Ryan breaks it down with some great information and a story of how he actually ends up in the hospital while trying a juice cleanse.  It is long however, but worth the read.

10 Reasons Books Are The Best Teachers- Nate Miyaki

Another long one but I couldn’t agree more!  I’ve long been an avid reader, and can’t stress the importance of using books to expand your knowledge and introduce different perspectives.  And what else do you do during a long cold winter like we’ve had here in St Louis?

67 Tips To Happiness, Fulfillment, and Life- Jason Ferruggia

I’ve seen a lot of lists like this and I always enjoy reading these.  There are great nuggets of information, and while I know we won’t realistically implement all these tips, if you just find one or two that really resonate it can set you on the right path to living a more fulfilled life.

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